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Transform RiNo

2636 Walnut St #103
Denver, CO 80205

Welcome to Transform RiNo

Studio Details

  • Programmable Lockers
  • Towels & Yoga Mats Available
  • Public Transportation Nearby
  • Parking Garage Nearby
  • Mens + Womens Locker Rooms
  • Wellth Juice Bar
  • State of the Art Sound System
  • 10 Lagree Megaformers

Frequently Asked Questions

At both our RiNo and LoDo studios we suggest street parking. There is parking around our studios, metered and free. Parking can get tricky during busy hours and is not something we can exactly predict.

Please allow enough time to find parking and arrive prior to the start of your scheduled class. Fees will not be waived, or credits returned due to issues with parking. Keep in mind NEWBIES, we require you to be at the studio a min of 10 minutes early. Since parking can be tricky during certain times of the day, allow yourself enough time to find parking so you are at class on time.

This location offers our Lagree Pilates and our infrared heated yoga classes

Much different that conventional heating, infrared heat, heats the body from the inside out. Which make sweating out impurities such as heavy metals and impurities and maximizing caloric burn way more efficient. It has been scientifically proven to reduce our stress hormone, cortisol, and to boost our happy hormones dopamine and serotonin. It increases blood flow and circulation and helps make your skin GLOW!

Our heated beats class is an alignment based class where we hold poses longer. Our free flow class is breath to movement where we move through the flows three different times; once slowly with the instructor, once guided buy sped up a bit going breath to movement, and lastly our free flow segment where you will get the chance to move through the flow on your own while we turn the music up. This allows you the ability to leave out parts that didn’t resonate with you that day, and take more time on parts of the flow that felt great in your body that day.

Members on our GOLD or PREMIUM memberships are offered yoga mats and sweat towels for free. We encourage you to bring your own mat, but offer mats and sweat towels for a rental fee for those who do not bring their own.

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