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Strength. Cardio. Recovery.

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Your all-in-one fitness Destination

No need for multiple gym memberships when you can get everything you need in one membership. Transform was designed to hit every pillar of fitness: strength, cardio, and recovery. We offer the most efficient and safe workout on the market. A workout that is not only effective and efficient, but one that is meant to last.

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The Lagree Fitness Method revolutionizes workouts, catering to everyone from yoga enthusiasts to outdoor adventurers. It’s a high-intensity, low-impact method that transforms bodies rapidly, burning 500-800 calories per session. By combining strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio, it promises toned muscles and improved endurance without stressing joints. Its unique machinery ensures constant muscle tension for quick, plateau-proof results.

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Dive into a 30-minute group training revolution with the Versa Climber, a calorie-blasting workout that engages your entire body without momentum, forcing you to power through every move. This low-impact method minimizes bone and joint stress, reducing injury risk. Mimicking natural human movements like crawling and climbing, it promises sweat, strength, balance, and a transformative physical experience.

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Transform Yoga classes, featuring “FreeFlow Vinyasa” and “Heated Beats” warmed by infrared heat, merge music with movement in a 90-degree environment. The eclectic tunes from Hip Hop to Downtempo house invite surrender to personal rhythm and flow. Infrared technology enhances benefits like circulation and pain relief. With guidance on various postures, these classes strengthen, stretch, and relax, fostering an inclusive, sacred space. Beyond poses, they focus on presence, making your practice a grounding journey for body and mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lagree Class: we require all clients to wear grip socks for safety reasons. If you do not own a pair, you are able to purchase them at the studio.

Climbing Class: We require closed-toe athletic shoes. If you are not booking directly with TRANSFORM (a 3rd party booking platform) make sure you remember a sweat towel. We have them available for rent at the studio for $2.00.

Yoga Class: we require all clients to use a mat. If you do not own a yoga mat, we have them available at the studio to rent. Gold and Platinum members will receive a mat and mat towel at no charge.

Staying hydrated is so important to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also to maximize your performance in our classes; be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts. Filtered water is available at our studios and we sell bottled water.

It is VERY important to be on time. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class time for Climbing or Yoga, you will not be permitted entry into class. Both classes take place in a dark room, so to ensure your safety, and to respect the sanctity of our studio environments, no entry will be permitted past the start of class. Late entry for our Lagree classes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not arrive and check in with our front desk 2 minutes prior to the start of class, for all class disciplines, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist.

If it is your first class at Transform, you are required to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the start of class. All new members must go through a walk-through of our equipment and method; your safety is our top priority!

If you are new, and unable to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class, we cannot allow you to participate. Please email info@transformcolorado.com to see if you are eligible to be rebooked.

*** We only rebook Transform booked clients for their first class. ClassPasser’s who arrive late and are denied entry will need to go through ClassPass to recoup their credits and any fees associated with not being able to attend class. We will not return ClassPass credits or waive fees due to a ClassPasser’s arriving late.

We have yoga mats available to rent during our yoga classes for $3. GOLD and PLATINUM members can rent a mat for free. We also have yoga mat towels available to rent for $2.

Our software will not automatically waive/grace your late cancellation fee. If you are signed up for a class that you can no longer attend, and have not taken advantage of your graced late cancellation fee yet, please reach out to us via email (do not cancel within the app) and we can get it taken care of on our end for you.

Email us right away!! We run our cancellation and no show fees on a 48 hour delay. We have a 48 hour dispute window for clients who have been mismarked. Please make sure you have your email and/or your text notifications turned on so that if you are mismarked you will be notified.

If you receive a notification you have been mismarked you have 48 hours to reach out to us. If we do not receive communication within that time frame you may be subject to the penalty fees associated with missing the class. (Make sure you are opted in for emails and texts or you may miss important info regarding this).

At both our RiNo and LoDo studios we suggest street parking. There is parking around our studios, metered and free. Parking can get tricky during busy hours and is not something we can exactly predict.

BOULDER: There is 2 hour free parking in the parking garage connected to our studio. Please make an immediate RIGHT after our studio, and enter the parking garage to access parking. There is also street parking available outside the studio.

Please allow enough time to find parking and arrive prior to the start of your scheduled class. Fees will not be waived, or credits returned due to issues with parking. Keep in mind NEWBIES, we require you to be at the studio a minimum of 10 minutes early. Since parking can be tricky during certain times of the day, allow yourself enough time to find parking so you are at class on time.

Transform does NOT require your first class to be a private lesson. Our classes will accommodate all fitness levels. Our certified trainers will explain the machine to you prior to the beginning of class and coach you through the class giving you appropriate modifications that suit your fitness level. However, if you do suffer from any severe injuries or chronic back pain, we recommend a private session. Still unsure? Please email us.

Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need time to recover in between classes. There is not a one size fits all prescription to how many times one should attend Transform classes.

We believe in rest and recovery; your body needs it. Each week- even each day- your body will feel differently. Listen to and honor your body! Our bodys change during rest.

Our waitlist will never add you within 12 hours of the scheduled class time. We do this so clients are never added to a class within a penalty period. If you are waitlisted for a class that you can no longer attend, it is the clients responsibility to remove themselves from the waitlist or they may be subject to penalties that apply from being added to the waitlisted class. You can waitlist yourself within 12 hours of the scheduled class, but know that the system will never add you. If a spot opens up within 12 hours of the scheduled class, anyone will be able to register for the class (even if you are on the waitlist). If you are attempting to get into a class within 12 hours of the class, the best practice is to keep checking the schedule to see if a spot has opened up, as the waitlist will not add you if you are on it.

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Class working out
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