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The Method

Get ready for a 30-minute, calorie BLASTING, group training EXPERIENCE. Climbing! Transform utilizes basic human movement patterns to deliver a full-body, high-intensity, and low-impact exercise unlike any other. Our 30-minute Climb classes take place entirely on the Versaclimber – an upright climbing machine with variable resistance that engages the entire body in a constant vertical ascent without strain from impact. The combination of this superior and innate movement with our choreography in a high-energy, motivational, and sensorial environment is what sets our workout – and our results – apart.

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The Science

Because the Versa Climber is also a low impact machine, you will be putting little to no stress on your bones and joints, which lowers the risk of injury that most people experience in other group-training classes. The Versa Climber utilizes movement progression that is innate to the human body (crawling, walking, running, and climbing), which leaves you better equipped to perform the natural requirements of daily life. You will sweat. You will gain strength in the mind and body. You will create a more balanced body. You will TRANSFORM.

The Experience

Transform climb classes, studios, and experiences are unlike anything else in the fitness industry. A beautiful, custom-lit ceiling installation coordinates with your workout, while concert-quality speaker systems keep you climbing to the beat. Get caught up in the evolution of fitness with your fellow climbers. Not only is the most efficient piece of cardio equipment on the market (study conducted by Men’s Health magazine), but it is a group class experience. The energy, the atmosphere, the instructors all make this workout fun AND incredibly efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require closed-toe athletic shoes. If you are not booking directly with TRANSFORM (a 3rd party booking platform) make sure you remember a sweat towel. We have them available for rent at the studio for $2.00.

Staying hydrated is so important to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also to maximize your performance in our classes; be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts. Filtered water is available at our studios and we sell bottled water.

The first few times we’re on a climber, we tend to hold on really tightly and that consistent pressure can cause our hands and feet to feel tingly. Which is why stopping and shaking out our hands and wiggling our toes helps! With time, engaging core muscles, and lightening our grip in our hands and feet lessens and that tingling goes away.

Yes do! Reach out to your studio directly for discounts.

For those unfamiliar with the equipment, the first class can be challenging because it is something totally new and unique. Your instructor will lead you through the class and encourage you to take as many breaks as needed. Please show up 10 minutes early to get a walk through.

Transform is a total body, high intensity, and low impact group exercise environment specifically designed to meet you where you are in your fitness and athletic journey. Transform’s signature choreographed CLIMB classes maximize your cardio potential and beat-based abilities. The innovative lighting and sound system, motivating instructors, and supportive community are unmatched and will help you achieve your goals!

Buying a membership is the most cost effective way to take classes with us, not to mention our memberships come with AMAZING perks.

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