Frequently Asked Questions

Lagree Class: we require all clients to wear grip socks for safety reasons. If you do not own a pair, you are able to purchase them at the studio.

Climbing class: We require closed-toe athletic shoes. If you are not booking directly with TRANSFORM (a 3rd party booking platform) make sure you remember a sweat towel. We have them available for rent at the studio for $2.00.

Yoga class: we require all clients to use a mat. If you do not own a yoga mat, we have them available at the studio to rent. Gold and Platinum members will receive a mat and mat towel at no charge.

Staying hydrated is so important to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also to maximize your performance in our classes; be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workouts. Filtered water is available at our studios and we sell bottled water.

At both our RiNo and LoDo studios we suggest street parking. There is parking around our studios, metered and free. Parking can get tricky during busy hours and is not something we can exactly predict.

BOULDER: There is 2 hour free parking in the parking garage connected to our studio. Please make an immediate RIGHT after our studio, and enter the parking garage to access parking. There is also street parking available outside the studio.

Please allow enough time to find parking and arrive prior to the start of your scheduled class. Fees will not be waived, or credits returned due to issues with parking. Keep in mind NEWBIES, we require you to be at the studio a min of 10 minutes early. Since parking can be tricky during certain times of the day, allow yourself enough time to find parking so you are at class on time.

Transform does NOT require your first class to be a private lesson. Our classes will accommodate all fitness levels. Our certified trainers will explain the machine to you prior to the beginning of class and coach you through the class giving you appropriate modifications that suit your fitness level. However, if you do suffer from any severe injuries or chronic back pain, we recommend a private session. Still unsure? Please email us.

We provide sweat towels for our class for Transform clients only. If you are booking via a third party booking platform, make sure you bring your own sweat towel, or you can rent one at the studio for $2.00.

The most important thing for our newbies is to be EARLY. We require all new clients to be a minimum 10 minutes early prior to their first class whether they have participated in a similar class at a different studio or not. If you are new and arrive within 10 minutes of class, and our front desk staff or instructors do not have enough time to get all your paperwork filled out and show you the machine, you will not be permitted to take class. To give all of our clients the best possible experience, we are firm on this rule.

For those unfamiliar with the equipment, the first class can be challenging because it is something totally new and unique. Your instructor will lead you through the class and encourage you to take as many breaks as needed. Please show up 10 minutes early to get a walk through.

Bring a water bottle, a sweat towel, and closed- toe athletic shoes to climb in. Sweat towels are available for free for members only, and can be rented for nonmembers. We sell bottled water for those who forget their water.

Buying a membership is the most cost effective way to take classes with us not to mention our memberships come with AMAZING perks

Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need time to recover in between classes. There is not a one size fits all prescription to how many times one should attend Transform classes.

We believe in rest and recovery; your body needs it. Each week- even each day- your body will feel differently. Listen to and honor your body! Our boys change during rest.

Class credits do not rollover. All classes must be taken in the 4 weeks after your payment processes.

It depends on your membership level.

Our GOLD membership can be used at any DENVER studio.

Our PLATINUM membership will give you access to any Transform Colorado location.

Where you purchase any other class package or membership will determine where you have access. For example: If you purchase a combined class package in DENVER, you will have access to any DENVER location. if you purchase a class pack in BOULDER, you will have Boulder access only.

The only limitation on booking is to stick with the class style that your credit or membership applies to (i.e., Lagree credits/memberships can only be used to book Lagree classes, etc.) as well as the location you purchased the membership/class package. Only Platinum members will have full access to any location.

If you membership is not allowing you to book classes, you more than likely have an account balance. When Transform is unable to collect payment (cancellation and no show fees, memberships, etc). we automatically suspend clients booking until the balance has been cleared. If you are having any issues please email

GOLD: Gold members are given access to our LODO and RINO studios. They are allowed 1 guest pass each pay billing cycle, are granted leniency one 1 late cancel per billing cycle, earlier schedule access, 25% off branded retail, and 15% off non-branded, free sweat towel, and can pick their spot. Free yoga mat and towel rentals

PREMIUM: Platinum members are granted access to ANY studio location. They are allowed 2 guest passes per billing cycle, are granted leniency on 2 late cancels per billing cycle, earlier schedule access, 40% branded retail, and 25% off non-branded retail, free sweat towels and can pick their spot. Free yoga mat and towel rentals.

Grippy socks are required for all Lagree pilates classes. There are zero exceptions to this rule. If you do not have some at home, we have some available for purchase at the studio. You will not be permitted to take class if you do not bring them/purchase them at the studio.

It is always best to check with your doctor first. Everyone is different. Plus, the details of each pregnancy can differ. While continuing a reasonable program of physical activity and exercise during/after pregnancy often can be beneficial, some modification to exercise routines and exertion levels may be appropriate. For most, Lagree is perfectly safe during pregnancy if you already have a base. We wouldn’t recommend starting it for the first time during your pregnancy. Do you take class at your own risk.

Anyone rehabbing an injury should always consult with a Dr. or PT before hopping into lagree. Most PT’s prescribe Lagree for rehab, however, all injuries obviously differ. As instructors, we are not PTs. We cannot advise you on what is best to do for your previous injuries. Some of us have more education than others based on our work experience and educational background. Our job is to get you off your injury and keep you safe. It is 100% not in our job description to help you rehab your injury and that needs to be discussed with your medical provider before entering class.

This location offers our Lagree Pilates and our infrared heated yoga classes

The first few times we’re on a climber, we tend to hold on really tightly and that consistent pressure can cause our hands and feet to feel tingly. Which is why stopping and shaking out our hands and wiggling our toes helps! With time, engaging core muscles, and lightening our grip in our hands and feet lessens and that tingling goes away.

Transform is a total body, high intensity, and low impact group exercise environment specifically designed to meet you where you are in your fitness and athletic journey. Transform’s signature choreographed CLIMB classes maximize your cardio potential and beat-based abilities. The innovative lighting and sound system, motivating instructors, and supportive community are unmatched and will help you achieve your goals!

Much different that conventional heating, infrared heat, heats the body from the inside out. Which make sweating out impurities such as heavy metals and impurities and maximizing caloric burn way more efficient. It has been scientifically proven to reduce our stress hormone, cortisol, and to boost our happy hormones dopamine and serotonin. It increases blood flow and circulation and helps make your skin GLOW!

Our heated beats class is an alignment based class where we hold poses longer. Our free flow class is breath to movement where we move through the flows three different times; once slowly with the instructor, once guided buy sped up a bit going breath to movement, and lastly our free flow segment where you will get the chance to move through the flow on your own while we turn the music up. This allows you the ability to leave out parts that didn’t resonate with you that day, and take more time on parts of the flow that felt great in your body that day.

Members on our GOLD or PREMIUM memberships are offered yoga mats and sweat towels for free. We encourage you to bring your own mat, but offer mats and sweat towels for a rental fee for those who do not bring their own.

This location offers Lagree pilates and our versa climbing group classes.

This location offers Lagree pilates and our versa climbing group classes.

Our waitlist will never add you within 12 hours of the scheduled class time. We do this so clients are never added to a class within a penalty period. If you are waitlisted for a class that you can no longer attend, it is the clients responsibility to remove themselves from the waitlist or they may be subject to penalties that apply from being added to the waitlisted class. You can waitlist yourself within 12 hours of the scheduled class, but know that the system will never add you. If a spot opens up within 12 hours of the scheduled class anyone will be able to register for the class (even if you are on the waitlist). If you are attempting to get into a class within 12 hours of the class, the best practice is to keep checking the schedule to see if a spot has opened up, as the waitlist will not add you if you are on it.

We want to be totally transparent with you: a lot goes into the final minutes before class, which is why we require you to be present five minutes before the class start time. It’s a lot like flying — we need that time to finalize the roster and everyone’s starting spots, as well as to accommodate the wait list and any needed moves. If we started this process at the beginning of class, the class would start late and you wouldn’t get your full workout.

If you are late to class and we have not given away your spot to the waitlist, it won’t cost you anything but a few hundred calories. Just check in, come in, and try not to disturb the Transform clients who have already begun their workout.

Medical freezes will be allowed with proper doctor documentation that outlines recovery timeline.

It is VERY important to be on time. If you do not arrive prior to the start of class time for Climbing or Yoga, you will not be permitted entry into class. Both classes take place in a dark room, so to ensure your safety, and to respect the sanctity of our studio environments, no entry will be permitted past the start of class. Late entry for our Lagree classes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not arrive and check in with our front desk 2 minutes prior to the start of class, for all class disciplines, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist.

If it is your first class at Transform, you are required to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the start of class. All new members must go through a walk-through of our equipment and method; your safety is our top priority!

If you are new, and unable to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class, we cannot allow you to participate. Please email to see if you are eligible to be rebooked.

*** We only rebook Transform booked clients for their first class. ClassPasser’s who arrive latent are denied entry will need to go through ClassPass and recouping their credits and any fees associated with not being able to attend class. We will not return ClassPass credits or waive fees due to a ClassPasser’s arriving late

Need to cancel? No problem! We understand life happens and we can’t always make it.

To avoid a fee, you must cancel 12 hours prior to your scheduled class time. If you cancel WITHIN 12 hours of your scheduled class time, you will be assessed a late cancel fee of $15.00. By canceling out of class per our late cancel policy, you are allowing another client to sign up and join the class. If you need to late cancel, please consider doing so as early as possible so that someone else can sign up for class.

If you do not cancel your class, and do not show up for your scheduled class, you will forfeit your class and will be assessed a No-Show fee of $25.00.

All cancellations can be done online; our staff is unable to cancel your reservation on your behalf.

Please note: There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Please make sure you read through our policies prior to signing up for class so you are aware of fees that can be incurred.

Please note, cancellation and no-show fees apply to all bookings, regardless of booking platform (ClassPass will incur late cancellation fees and no show fees from both Transform and ClassPass).

Transform is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the studio or studio rooms. We do not keep an official lost and found, but if you think you’ve recently left something behind, please email directly.

To cancel any auto-renewing membership (which has completely fulfilled its minimum monthly commitment) we require a min 30 day written notice prior to your next biling cycle in order to terminate. If notice is given within 30 days, clients will be obligated to pay another month. ( There are NO exceptions to this rule. Please see our Terms of Service page for more information regarding memberships.

In order to switch class times, you will need to log into your account cancel the class you no longer can attend before booking the class you want to attend. If this falls within our 12 hour cancellation window, a fee may be incurred.

You can book as many classes a day that your membership allows but will be responsible for any penalty fees that are incurred by missing a previously booked class. We do not allow class time “swapping”. To protect our instructors pay, we are very strict on this rule.

Please note, when signing up for and purchasing classes, you are signing up for and paying for class times, not instructors. Our schedule is subject to change without notice. We do not waive fees or return classes for instructor and schedule changes.

Anyone on a GOLD or PLATINUM membership is offered one freeze every 12 months at no charge for a period of 4 weeks. Freezes cannot last less than or more than 1 month total.

If you are not on a membership that allows a freeze/hold for no charge, we charge a $50 dollar flat rate to freeze your membership for your first freeze for no more and no less than a 4 week time frame. Any freeze/hold after your first freeze/hold within a 12 month period the fee will go to $100 per 4 week freeze. Please email to inquire about a freeze.

Email us right away!! We run our cancellation and no show fees on a 48 hour delay. We have a 48 hour dispute window for clients who have been mis-marked. Please make sure you have your email and/or your text notifications turned on so that if you are mis-marked you will be notified. Keep in mind, if you come in late you MUST let your instructor know after class you snuck in or you will be assessed a fee. If you are unsure if you got checked in, double check.

If you receive a notification you have been mis-marked you have 48 hours to reach out to us. If we do not receive communication within that time frame you may be subject to the penalty fees associated with missing the class.

Yes do! Reach out to your studio directly for discounts.

Our preferred method of communication is via email, We have telephones at both of our studios, but keep in mind we are only open during class times. Our studios are closed mid-day and late night. During class check-in we give our full attention to our in-person clients, so if we are unable to answer please send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.